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Prayer Requests

Requests for prayers — whether for oneself or others—are always welcome, and are given immediate loving attention by the members of the Prayer Council. They may be submitted to Self-Realization Fellowship’s international headquarters in Los Angeles. Those whose names have been submitted are included in special morning and evening healing services for three months. They need not be present at a prayer service to benefit from its healing power.

Prayer requests are kept strictly confidential. Requests need not include a description of the problem, unless one wishes to describe it. All that is needed for the work of the Prayer Council and the Worldwide Prayer Circle is the name of the person for whom healing is desired. If details of a problem are known to individuals in a prayer circle, such details should not be discussed. Otherwise, negative mental associations may weaken the force of prayer. Instead, group members should concentrate solely on God’s healing power and on a state of perfection to replace any inharmonious condition.